Why lease your property with Brough & Taylor?

Why should you choose Brough & Taylor to manage your property?

  • Brough & Taylor have priority placements on multiple real estate websites, allowing your property to be seen first every time!
  • All properties are advertised through Ashfield Office!
  • We have proven results all over the inner-west!
  • Our company portfolio is in excess of 950 properties, that many landlords can not be wrong!

Did You Know

  • Just about every real estate agency in NSW offers property management services, making the decision on which agency to trust very important.
  • Unlike many property management services, Brough & Taylor offer total professionalism by using experienced and well trained property management specialists.
  • The Brough & Taylor Management team comprises of five property managers and each are subject to constant and ongoing training.
  • Each property manager is a full time professional whose responsibilities entail the day-to-day management of residential property.
  • Brough & Taylor Property Managers have access to the latest software, data bases and equipment to allow them better service their clients.