Why Brough & Taylor Real Estate?


The Sales staffs are supported by a very experienced staff of administrative, marketing and accounting professionals. All staff undergoes continuous training, including both online training and industry standards training to ensure they are knowledgeable and compliant with all areas of real estate legislation and up-to-date with the latest marketing initiatives.

When your property is listed, proven successful marketing steps will be achieved to put your property in a position to acquire the best possible price.

Selling a property is a combination of many qualities developed over time including:

  • Knowledge
  • Current market knowledge
  • Experience
  • Visibility
  • Marketing
  • Evidence based selling
  • Presentation
  • The importance of the buyer
  • Reputation
  • Expert agents

Points which we at Brough & Taylor confidently excel in.

Property Management

Brough & Taylors specialist property management division is unique in Sydney, combining very long experience and the latest technology in management. Brough & Taylor employs a team of highly trained and experienced professionals whose sole responsibility is to ONLY manage properties. They are seasoned specialists who are there to ensure “Best practise” to every property under their care.

There’s a great deal more to managing a property then many people may realise. Behind the scenes, Brough & Taylor professionals carry out many detailed tasks on each and every property under our care.

Where we advertise:

There are no delays in getting your vacant property advertised. The day your tenant gives us written notice to vacate, is the day your property will be exposed – utilizing all the above advertising methods, and other areas as required. Both of our offices will have your property on the window display and on printed rental handouts.

The aim? To ensure a new suitable tenant can be located and secured even before your current tenant has moved out.