Why Brough & Taylor Real Estate?

Why Choose Us?

Brough & Taylor Real Estate was established in 1926 - quite possibly we have sold several homes in your street in the past!

Why us? We not only will we strive to achieve a premium result for you, we also endeavour to inform you about the market, your rights as a seller and what to expect during the sales process.

Our commitment

Best-in-class customer service with unmatched attention to detail, supported by our experienced sales professionals to produce the best price in 30 days through proven, effective marketing.

Documentation and Communication

We maintain the highest standards with documentation and communication, believing it essential to present material in a format that is well presented and contains everyday words and phrases.

To assist us in communicating effectively with our clients, we contract the services of professionals in the areas of the law, advertising and communication.

It is our practice to ensure clients understand the terminology used in contracts and undertake to fully explain aspects they may not be familiar with.

This does not, however, constitute legal advice and we strongly advise clients to consult their legal advisor on matters of law.

Your Privacy

We comply with all privacy laws and regulations.  We will not divulge any personal information you provide us without a specific request from you to do so, or where we are required by law to reveal certain details. 

You have the right to access any personal information we hold in respect of your dealings with Brough & Taylor Real Estate. View our Privacy Policy

Complaint Resolution

Should you have any concerns relating to the handling of a transaction or believe any aspect of our service has not met your expectations, we’d appreciate hearing from you.

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