COVID-19 Full Safety Policy

Our COVID-19 Full Safety Policy for arranging or conducting

inspections and auctions includes the following:



  • We check the occupants are not ill, self-isolating or under quarantine before arranging and attending.

  • All attendees must book before attending the open house if not must give details to the agent to register there details.

  • Provide a QRC at the front of the property to register their details for the COVID registry.

  • We arrange with the owner to prepare the property for contactless inspections. Have kitchen drawers, pantries and wardrobes open and ready to view.

  • Open doors and windows as possible to minimise the need for attendees to do the same.  Attendees are encouraged not to touch.

  • We will limit numbers stipulated as per state requirements.

  • We will schedule appropriate numbers and timings for open inspections to ensure limits are adhered to.

  • We do a video call to show the property to reduce people attending to the property.

  • Where required we will enforce the four square metre rules and collect details of contacts for tracing purposes.

  • We arrange to have all surfaces of the home, including benchtops and door handles, wiped down with cleaning products.

  • We will have hand sanitiser/ antibacterial hand wipes available at the entry (and exit) of the property where necessary.

  • As a condition of entry, attendees are required to indicate that they are not ill, self-isolating or under quarantine and have not returned from overseas of interstate in the last 14 days.

  • Prohibit physical contact, including shaking hands. We will greet you with a wave, bow or another contactless greeting instead!

  • Observe “physical distancing” protocols of staying 1.5 metres away from others wherever possible.

  • On completion, we will arrange to have any surfaces of the home that we touched wiped down with cleaning products.